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Struggling with inattention that interferes with academics or employment?  

An evaluation for ADHD may be indicated. 

What to expect:

  • A focused ADHD screening and evaluation will be completed in our office. 

  • Treatment options, including ADHD medications, will be discussed and may be started at your first visit. 

  • Follow-up appointment will be scheduled to check your progress in a few weeks.

  • Once stable on ADHD treatment, follow-up appointments can be spaced out to longer intervals.

Expected Cost

Although our office does not take insurance, we are able to offer focused Evaluations and Follow-up visits for ADHD at a lower cost.  Please see our rates section to learn more about our rates for more complex/comprehensive psychiatric appointments.

Focused ADHD Evaluation $350

Focused ADHD Follow-Up  $225


*A SuperBill for your visit can be generated at your request. You may be able to submit to your insurance for out-of-network reimbursement.  Some insurances will deduct out-of-network visits from your deductible.  Contact your individual insurance carrier for their policy on out-of-network visits and reimbursement.  

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